Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flea Market Finds

On Sunday, I had some time to spend with my mother. We decided to check out a small flea-market and a couple thrift stores. It's fun to thrift and spend time with family at the same time. We both enjoy treasure hunting. I didn't find much this weekend, but I found a few fun items.

I found MANY sets of earrings for only 25 cents each! I kept over half of them for myself and the rest are for the store. :) I love costume jewelry, the funky shapes and colors!

I've been on a "jewelry-making kick" these days, making jewelry out of buttons. These button cards were marked down to only 10 cents each so I gathered up all the pretty ones they had to offer.
I thought these two metal trays were pretty and in great condition so I purchased them for a quarter each!
I found two old BINGO games on the bottom shelf of a thrift store for only 50 cents a piece! LOVE LOVE LOVE old BINGO cards and pieces. The one in the red box is from 1959 and I believe the blue game is older than that!


  1. I love good flea market finds! Its like treasure hunting. I'm glad you found some things that inspire you!

  2. Lots of good finds. And you need to post some pics of your button jewelry! :)