Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We have chosen a name! Our little girl is due in October and we have decided on the name Violet Ashland. I think it's a cute 'old-fashioned' name and perfect for our little country girl. Just so happens my African Violet plant bloomed last week, 13 beautiful, frilly purple and white flowers. I take that as a good sign. :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shop Goodies

 A few items that I am loving at our shop right now! I finally brought in a few of my vintage suitcases that I repurposed into cute little pet beds. They each have fun feet attached to the bottoms, a brightly covered cushion with matching cat nip mouse toy and a bag of treats! They were a blast to put together and my cat, 'Stinker,' sleeps in one at home.
 I am also loving the little button baggies I threw together for sale. They are just waiting for someone to get crafty with them!

And of course, I love the rainbow of colors used on this handmade afghan. We have quite a few handmade afghans in the store right now but I always go for the funky colors!

These vintage clocks are so neat! I love the different shapes, designs and colors...there is even a pink one. This sheer yellow doll dress caught my eye when I was sorting through a box of antique doll/baby clothes, so dainty. :)

Last, but not least, I found this guy over the weekend and I couldn't pass him up! Awesome clown figure that stands about 9 inches tall, he's awfully charming. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Definitely a Girl!

For a couple of months now, we were unsure if our little one we are expecting was a he or a she. The first time we went to find out, it decided to sit on it's bottom like a frog and not budge. Guess we caught it napping. After 30 min. of moving around in the doctor's office trying to get it to flip around, the technician told us that she was 90% sure it was a girl but to not make any decisions yet. So we waited and waited, I went ahead and purchased some cutesie girl items... how could I not? :)
We FINALLY found out yesterday that baby is definitely a GIRL!!

We are so excited to be having a little girl and we only have 10 more weeks until we get to see her cute little face and hold her in our arms!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Field of Dreams

Sending some cheer your way! This field of vibrant sunflowers near our home brought a smile to my face. I wanted to stand there in the middle of the field all day long.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Hunt

 On Saturday, Laura (My Sister,) Heather (Her Roomie,) and I decided to go to a few garage sales. We packed into Laura's boyfriend's beat up pick-up...just in case we hit the furniture motherload and we were off! Her boyfriend had about 10 pair of safety glasses on the dash so we each threw on a pair. We got a few strange looks and a couple of waves but that's okay. :)

Turns out it was a little too hot out for some people, most of the sales had been cancelled so it was a lot of driving around just to be disappointed by no shows. I bought a couple of old wood chairs and the charming little Raggedy Ann doll that I stuck in the coffee cup above. At least we had a good time! 

Since Saturday was so disappointing, Laura and I decided that Sunday we would trek it down the road about 30 min. to Herington Flea Market. I believe this was the first time that this flea was held because there were only 5-6 booths...but it was air conditioned and I did find a few interesting items.

These were some of the items that caught my eye. I loved the color of the Westinghouse fan and the strange plastic dolls. There were so many vintage advertisement pencils in that box, I wanted them all for our shop but I resisted. The only thing that I purchased were four old hammers that had neat handles, a bundle of yardsticks from a variety of places...even one from Manhattan, KS. Two galvanized buckets and an old trunk suitcase that was in awesome condition. All of the items are for our  thrift store, guess I was in a bit of a rustic mood. ;)