Friday, January 20, 2012

The Shop

About 8 years ago, my father, opened a Thrift Store. At first, it was like a garage full of hardware, pipe, steel, iron, barrels, etc. "Guy Stuff." He named it the Bargain Barrel. A few years later I began running the shop full-time... Now it is full of fun Vintage furniture, Home decor, Collectibles, Music Albums, Antiques and crafty handmade items. We still have the "guy stuff," but this way it is fun for everyone. I really enjoy working at the store, it's fun to sift through the interesting items that come our way and to be honest, I have pretty much furnished my entire house with thrifty goods! I thought I would share some pics from around the store.

Store Kitty, "Chicken," taking a nap in the window.


  1. I love visiting your store- it's always so cute. I didn't realize that your Dad had started it 8 years ago.

  2. Yep, not many people know that we have been here for so long, I am glad people are finally finding the store! :)