Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Fun

Last Week was my hubby's birthday so when we got a long needed break on Saturday we decided to take the day and have some fun. First thing we did was attend a flea market in Manhattan...Hubby wasn't too enthused with this idea but it is the first flea market that I have seen in Manhattan for a loooong time!  I found some really fun vintage items, including tons of jewelry for only a quarter each! After the flea market we decided to go to the capital city, Topeka. But on the way there I spotted an Estate Sale so... of course we had to stop! Everything was 1/2 price and we ended up leaving with the back seat of my car packed to the brim! Just a few of my finds...

Cannister Set, tablecloths, twin sheet set, kitty picture, picture frames, old games & game pieces, jewelry box, sewing box, a "Frankoma" Bowl, bangle bracelets and so many pairs of earrings!

I purchased these fun heart earrings for myself since Valentine's Day is coming up :) The rest is for the store.

We spent the rest of the day in Topeka, enjoying what the city has to offer. 

The Capital Building in downtown Topeka is really a beautiful building.


  1. Oh darn, I missed it! I can't remember when I've last heard of a flea market in Manhattan either!

    1. The flea Market is at Purple Wave Auction Center, they are going to try and do it every month! I want to say it will be Feb. 25th