Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fun Finds!

Almost two weeks ago, were  the Highway 36 'Treasure Hunt'  yardsales. I look forward to this exciting event every year. The sales span across the entire state of Kansas and last 3 days. My husband and I only went one day and we only made it through one town. The town of Marysville had 65 garage sales and it took all day to stop and shop in this small town. Marysville was full of fun, interesting older items and the prices were great. I picked up quite a few items. Filled the back of the pick-up with furniture and the inside looked like a small antique/vintage shop. So much fun, my idea of a perfect day. -hubby disagrees but I think he secretly enjoys the hunt also. :)
These are just a few items I fell in love with. The wood carving artwork is signed and dated '1910.' This doll is quite large and her cute face begged me to take her home. I love colorful old game boards and I picked up quite a few. I also found an old boyscout canteen. All are for sale at our shop. Yes, I resisted keeping any of it.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shower for Baby!

 Sunday, was my baby shower with our community neighbors and friends. Many of the ladies in attendance had attended my Mother's baby shower before she had me so I have known these people for my entire life. It is good to live in a small, country neighborhood where everyone cares and looks out for eachother. I really enjoyed visiting with everyone and I think they enjoyed getting together for the occasion also. My due date is October 20th..eek, one more month! My sister threw me this shower and she made it fun and special with a jungle animal theme.  She also made this CUTE diaper cake with all kinds of fun stuff..wash cloths, toys, hair clips, etc.

 Little Violet's gifts were placed in my antique baby cradle, so many cute gift bags! My sister placed a childhood photo of my husband and I with an African Violet plant in between. She had every guest sign a story book that she had placed on the table. I received so many wonderful, thoughtful gifts incuding this handmade quilt that my husband's grandmother quilted. It is exactly my style and fits the vintage feel of the baby's nursery. Laura didn't disappoint with the snacks either. There were yummy carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, huge brownies, cookies, Peach upside-down cake and the most adoreable melon baby in a watermelon bassinet filled with fruit.  :)

It was a great day and Laura if you read this, THANK YOU!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


A few things that I have been up to lately... I found this yellow recipe box, stuffed full of fun vintage recipes at a yard sale for $2. It's a keeper. I have been spending time with my fun-loving pup, Pete. We are loving the cooler weather.

I finally replanted my Aloe Vera plant in a larger pot. I had to find a safe place for it in my home where the kittens won't destroy it. With the rain and the cooler weather, my tomato and pepper plants have been revived and have begun to bloom again! Maybe they will produce a few more goodies before it frosts. Fingers crossed! I have also been baking some sweets, including Baked Banana Cranberry Oatmeal and a delicious Peach Poundcake. I love and will miss peach season.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life of a Trucker's Wife

 Yes, my husband, is a truck driver. He's not the stereo-typical truck driver...you know, the beer belly, two teeth, tattoo covered, dirty old man type. :) I promise he takes showers and drives a clean truck. Actually, he keeps his two semi trucks cleaner then he keeps the house. Being the wife of a trucker, he made sure that I learned how to distinguish a Peterbilt from a Kenworth and a Freightliner from a Volvo, etc. He made sure that I take notice of air cleaners, pipes and headlights. He taught me to love chrome and shiny truck accessories and a lot of lights on a truck always puts a smile on his face. I know that Peterbilt trucks are the way to go...drive with class. The more black smoke coming from the stacks, the better. We were married on 10-4, he will never forget our anniversary that's for sure. We attend the truck show in Joplin, Missouri every year for our anniversary so we can ogle all the clean, shiny big rigs that have way too much money put into them  and so my husband can dream he has a never-ending pocket book. Lets just say, I know more about big trucks then any girl should but I don't mind. :) These are just a few pictures that were taken at a small truck show in Beattie, Kansas a couple of weeks ago.