Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life of a Trucker's Wife

 Yes, my husband, is a truck driver. He's not the stereo-typical truck driver...you know, the beer belly, two teeth, tattoo covered, dirty old man type. :) I promise he takes showers and drives a clean truck. Actually, he keeps his two semi trucks cleaner then he keeps the house. Being the wife of a trucker, he made sure that I learned how to distinguish a Peterbilt from a Kenworth and a Freightliner from a Volvo, etc. He made sure that I take notice of air cleaners, pipes and headlights. He taught me to love chrome and shiny truck accessories and a lot of lights on a truck always puts a smile on his face. I know that Peterbilt trucks are the way to go...drive with class. The more black smoke coming from the stacks, the better. We were married on 10-4, he will never forget our anniversary that's for sure. We attend the truck show in Joplin, Missouri every year for our anniversary so we can ogle all the clean, shiny big rigs that have way too much money put into them  and so my husband can dream he has a never-ending pocket book. Lets just say, I know more about big trucks then any girl should but I don't mind. :) These are just a few pictures that were taken at a small truck show in Beattie, Kansas a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. The truck show you attend every year seems to be effective. Noticing that many great trucks can really excite anyone, especially a trucker like your husband. Each truck owner surely puts a lot of effort in making their trucks stand out. Anyway, it is good that you’ve learned a lot about trucks from your husband. In that way, you would know that nature of his job and do not worry anymore every time he is on the road.

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