Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fun Finds!

Almost two weeks ago, were  the Highway 36 'Treasure Hunt'  yardsales. I look forward to this exciting event every year. The sales span across the entire state of Kansas and last 3 days. My husband and I only went one day and we only made it through one town. The town of Marysville had 65 garage sales and it took all day to stop and shop in this small town. Marysville was full of fun, interesting older items and the prices were great. I picked up quite a few items. Filled the back of the pick-up with furniture and the inside looked like a small antique/vintage shop. So much fun, my idea of a perfect day. -hubby disagrees but I think he secretly enjoys the hunt also. :)
These are just a few items I fell in love with. The wood carving artwork is signed and dated '1910.' This doll is quite large and her cute face begged me to take her home. I love colorful old game boards and I picked up quite a few. I also found an old boyscout canteen. All are for sale at our shop. Yes, I resisted keeping any of it.

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  1. Hi Kelsey ...thanks for your comment i found on my site this morning. i enjoy seeing your finds also and i am looking forward to the hunt now we are entering our own summer. hope you had a great one. >>> Gina