Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shop Goodies

 A few items that I am loving at our shop right now! I finally brought in a few of my vintage suitcases that I repurposed into cute little pet beds. They each have fun feet attached to the bottoms, a brightly covered cushion with matching cat nip mouse toy and a bag of treats! They were a blast to put together and my cat, 'Stinker,' sleeps in one at home.
 I am also loving the little button baggies I threw together for sale. They are just waiting for someone to get crafty with them!

And of course, I love the rainbow of colors used on this handmade afghan. We have quite a few handmade afghans in the store right now but I always go for the funky colors!

These vintage clocks are so neat! I love the different shapes, designs and colors...there is even a pink one. This sheer yellow doll dress caught my eye when I was sorting through a box of antique doll/baby clothes, so dainty. :)

Last, but not least, I found this guy over the weekend and I couldn't pass him up! Awesome clown figure that stands about 9 inches tall, he's awfully charming. 

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