Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Hunt

 On Saturday, Laura (My Sister,) Heather (Her Roomie,) and I decided to go to a few garage sales. We packed into Laura's boyfriend's beat up pick-up...just in case we hit the furniture motherload and we were off! Her boyfriend had about 10 pair of safety glasses on the dash so we each threw on a pair. We got a few strange looks and a couple of waves but that's okay. :)

Turns out it was a little too hot out for some people, most of the sales had been cancelled so it was a lot of driving around just to be disappointed by no shows. I bought a couple of old wood chairs and the charming little Raggedy Ann doll that I stuck in the coffee cup above. At least we had a good time! 

Since Saturday was so disappointing, Laura and I decided that Sunday we would trek it down the road about 30 min. to Herington Flea Market. I believe this was the first time that this flea was held because there were only 5-6 booths...but it was air conditioned and I did find a few interesting items.

These were some of the items that caught my eye. I loved the color of the Westinghouse fan and the strange plastic dolls. There were so many vintage advertisement pencils in that box, I wanted them all for our shop but I resisted. The only thing that I purchased were four old hammers that had neat handles, a bundle of yardsticks from a variety of places...even one from Manhattan, KS. Two galvanized buckets and an old trunk suitcase that was in awesome condition. All of the items are for our  thrift store, guess I was in a bit of a rustic mood. ;)

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