Thursday, February 23, 2012

Amazing Author

                                                           Books by Tracy Chevalier

I love to read books that take you to a different time and place. I fell in love with the author, Tracy Chevalier, after I read her book: "Girl With a Pearl Earring." From there on I had to own every book of hers that I could get my hands on! 

In many of her stories she takes a popular piece of artwork and she comes up with a story of how that piece came to be. Many of them take place in 16th-18th Centuries, great historical backgrounds and you fall in love with the characters. Her books are twisty, eerie and full of interesting detail. They are definitely page turners, you won't want to put them down but you also won't want the story to be over by the time you reach the end. I highly recommend these books! 

The Virgin Blue is my favorite!


  1. I never did read "Girl With A Pearl Earring" but this post has me intrigued. Thanks for sharing- I love new book suggestions!