Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vintage Child's Play

Working at a thrift store I have gained a love for Vintage. Our guest bedroom is what I call my "Vintage bedroom"... Maybe someday it will be known as the nursery.Everything is bright and colorful. I have it filled with fun furniture, Vintage toys and stuffed animals, Old children's and classic books that I hope to someday read to my children. I find older toys, books and boardgames more appealing then the videogames and plastic toys that children play with these days.

I love going to Antique Stores and seeing that Classic Book title pop out at me, of course it is a "must-have" situation!

Or spotting an interesting toy that has been loved and played with for so many years.

Gameboards make great art pieces, love the old graphics and color!

I have quite a large collection of suitcases! They are excellent for storing books, movies, material, etc! These three, I stacked and use them as an end table.
Some people think my "Vintage bedroom" is a bit "old fashioned" and overly eclectic, but I absolutely love it.


  1. All these vintage things really give the room "character". I am a very eclectic person so I can relate!

  2. I love your vintage room Kelsey!! The little humpty dumpty doll is precious.