Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Puppy Love

Happy Valentine's Day!
My Valentine sweetheart is my poor puppy dog, who
finally got to come home Friday. He is definitely in a
lot of pain and discomfort. He has his jaw and his canine teeth wired together so his jaw fractures can hopefully heal. He has to wear a muzzle all-day/every-day for 6-weeks. He has a feeding tube and all he can do is sleep.

It is honestly the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Having a 100lb. dog (Yes, he is huge!) relying on us to keep him alive is a daunting task. I am trying my hardest to get him back to his happy, tail wagging self.

Wish me luck!


  1. Oh! Poor pup! That's terrible, but I'm sure he's glad to be home with his family and in his own place. I know it must be a daunting task, wishing you lots of luck!~

  2. Just bounced over from Mockingbird Hill Cottage when I saw that you have a pup with a broken jaw and read the story in your earlier post. How old is your lab?

    A retired Veterinarian did this??? And realized he did this???? Well, of course he realized he hit a 100 lb dog--or he needs to not be driving! Sheesh! (I am refraining from saying anything about weaponry at this point!)

    At least you are in Manhattan and a very FINE Vet school! One of the best in the country! Poor guy! (lived for more than 25 years in KS--hubs is born and raised there! Little Apple and all that...) I like your sunflower header!

    Please let me know how the pup is doing! :) I'm now following you. Looked back through your posts and I like your blog. (and you are a dog lover to boot!) :)

    1. K-State has been great, a bit pricey but Pete is worth every penny. Thank you so much for your concern!

    2. That they are, but with a severe break like this you really want the best! Keep me informed on his progress!

  3. Ohhhh...your poor, sweet Valentine! I hope these next 6 weeks pass by swiftly for him (and you!).

  4. My heart goes out to you! That would just break my heart, personally. I know you will do a good job nursing him back to health!