Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fruity Collection

I have many items that I love to collect. Usually when I see something that would fit into one of my MANY collections, I just HAVE to have it! If I spot something, I smile, look at my husband and watch his eyes roll back in his head followed by a "Where are you going to put it?!" This doesn't bother me, I take it to the cash register and move on.

One of my favorite items to collect are fruit shaped jars with lids. Also known as, "Apple Jelly Jars" or "Sugar Bowls." This collection began when I spotted an Apple shaped jar just like one my grandma had sitting on the kitchen table when we were growing up. I remember she used to keep sunflower seeds in it for her salads. My sister and I would eat the seeds by the spoonfuls out of that thing. :) I purchased that one and ever since, if I see a fruit shaped jar...or even a vegetable...I snatch it up!
I have Strawberries, Raspberries, Oranges, Apples, Grapes, a Lemon...I even have an Ear of Corn and an Eggplant.
I love the color they add to my kitchen and...come on, they are cute!

The largest fruit jar I own is a Strawberry cookie jar that I purchased at a garage sale for $2. She was a sweet elderly lady and she told me that her mother glazed it at a ceramic shop many years ago. I love hearing stories of where items come from. It makes them more special.


  1. Those fruit cookie jars are amazing! So jealous.
    I really like the strawberry one!

    1. Thanks I love them, they cheer up my kitchen a bit!

  2. That is an impressive collection! And I have to say, that is exactly the same exchange that goes on between my husband and me when I spot something, lol!