Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meet My Kitty Friends

I would like you all to meet my dear kitty friends. Some, call me a 'Crazy Cat Lady,' (my own dear one of them.) My entire life, I have had a weakness for cute little cats that need a loving home and so I have my little cat family... only three! thank you very much! :) I really enjoy cats as pets because they each have their individual personalities and can be very entertaining. Oh and they make great listeners!
So, first off, I would like for you to meet Samantha (pic. above.) She is around 10 years old but runs around like a kitten. She is very fluffy and thinks she is queen of the household. In the middle of the night she likes to pounce on top of you while you are sleeping and then run away as fast as she can, wait for you to fall back to sleep, then do it all over again.

A couple of years ago, My husband and I went to
Missouri for a little anniversary road trip. We stopped at a large flea and a lady had free kittens, my heart went pitter-patter when I looked into the wire cage and saw only two little whiskered faces staring back at me. I didn't have the heart to separate the two brothers so they both made the journey back to Kansas. I have no regrets, they are two of the best cats I have ever owned.

This one is 'Stinker.' He is a bit of a trouble-maker, snooping around the house just looking for something that he can get into. He will do anything to get to a rubberband...even if it means pulling it out of my hair. He also likes cotton balls, kleenex and has even toilet papered my entire downstairs while we were sleeping. But I love him anyway.
His brother's name is Joplin, my husband calls him 'Brother Bruce' I have no idea why. Joplin is a lover. He will reach up when he wants to be held and he will rub his face against yours or jump on the back of the couch so he can lay his head on yours and go to sleep. He is very feisty when he has a toy, he growls and hisses and carries it around in his mouth so his brother won't take it but yet, he always takes the toy and drops it in front of Stinker to tease him. Every morning they lay on my pillow next to eachother and look out the window, tails swooshing side by side. That is my cat family and you can call me crazy if you want to! :)


  1. Awww, your little cat fam is cute! I love that you didn't separate Joplin & Stinker!

  2. Nice to meet Chicken's cousins ;) I'll have to show this post to Lizzie.

    1. Yeah, I didn't include my two cats that still live with my parents, the store cat and the two strays that have decided to live on our front Crazy Cat Lady.