Friday, June 1, 2012

Round and Round We Go!

When in Abilene, We purchased $2 tickets to ride on the famous C.W. Parker Carousel. This carousel was built in 1901 by C.W. Parker and was part of a traveling carnival. It's really large and the horses are on a rocking track that spins while a band organ machine plays carnival music. The horses have been repainted, their horsehair tails and glass eyes replaced. I read that it is one of the last, complete carousels from that era because the individual horses are selling on average for $4k-$12k!

 My husband's first time riding a horse, believe it or not! ;) It was the best two dollars we ever spent and in the future, I will definitely bring my children back for a ride on the historical carousel.


  1. That definitely looks like a great way to spend $2! I also can't believe the horses are selling for that much! Actually I can.

  2. seems like the best 2 dollars every spent!!!

  3. sorry not every but ever lol