Friday, June 15, 2012

Birchbox Bandwagon

So, yes, I have jumped onto the Birchbox bandwagon. For those of you who do not know about the birchbox...It's $10 a month (Free Shipping,) and they send you a box with 4-5 beauty samples/supplies for you to try out.  I fell in love with the idea of a litte surprise package in the mail each month and since I am expecting my first child, a little bit of pampering is nice. :)
 I received my first box yesterday in the mail. It was like Christmas and after a long day at work, I couldn't wait to open it! They packaged it really cute and the box is nice so you can reuse it for other things.

I was pretty satisfied with my first package, It included:

*Perfume Sample "Juliette Has A Gun"- (Smells Wonderous!)

*Facial Mask-Pore Minimizing     "Masqueology"- (Haven't tried yet, but I desperately need to! )
*A Bar of Olive Oil Soap "Denizia"- (Great Lather but I feel as though it might melt quickly in the shower.)

* "Stainiac" Lip & Cheek Stain- ( Made my lips a Rosy Pink for a few hours...not sure if I am gutsy enough to put it on my cheeks.)

Last but not least....
*A box of "Cynthia Rowley Dress-Up" Band-Aids- (If I ever need a band-aid these are definitely the most styish choice. They look like jewelry! )

Hmm..I wonder what exciting new things I will get next month...

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