Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What I'm Enjoying Lately...

Life is good...

*Relaxing Pool-side on a VERY hot day. We like to swim at this hotel pool because there's never anyone there, it's great.

*Just started 'Mad Men' Season Three, We only have one television channel so we buy seasons on DVD and watch them from start to end. Our movie nights consist of amazing television shows. P.S. Don Draper kind of makes me angry. :)

*Watching my ever-expanding waistline... only 3.5 months to go! Soon we will get to meet this little gymnast that likes to turn somersaults.

*Which brings me to the yummy Mexican food that I can't stop craving. This whole pregnancy I have wanted non-stop supply of salsa and even jalapenos. Don't you love the chairs at our fav. mexican restaurant?!   

*Watching our dog, Pete, swim in his kiddie pool and play with his stuffed animals. I love seeing his tail wag and his big ol' goofy grin.    

*Bounty of fresh, colorful vegetables from my parent's garden.. they have a huge garden! 

*Warm Chocolate cake and Brownie  Supreme Bars straight from the oven. Yes, Life is good.                   



  1. Oooh, enjoy the pool! Its been so terrible hot, hasnt it? And I love LOVE Mad Men! The 4th season ended a few weeks ago and I've been a little sad. Oh Don...he can never get his act together. Wait til you see the finale ;)
    And I have to laugh because I ate a TON of mexican food when I was pregnant with my daughter. As in...Im surprised she doesnt speak spanish through osmosis ;) love a good enchilada and chips and salsa! Still do ;)

    1. I watch Mad Men one episode at a time, I like to savour it because I hate waiting for the next seasons to come out on DVD lol. Hehe every time I eat jalapenos, someone says, 'What are you trying to do to that poor child?!' I can't help it!! :)

  2. Those are some awesome things you're enjoying lately!!

  3. Ahhhh you are living the life! Looks like some awesome stuff! Congrats on your pregnancy! =)