Thursday, March 29, 2012


I couldn't resist taking a picture of this cute little snail inching across the sidewalk. My sister's new house is surrounded by hundreds of snails, they have to really watch their step. :)

My sister and I stopped for a quick lunch at a local restaurant called Coco Bolos. We sat on their amazing patio and enjoyed a nice breezy/ delicious meal! I had the Chicken Fajita Quesadilla with a side of Navajo Rice. Scrumptious :)

My sister had the Chicken Mole Wrap with Jalapeno Ranch. Also AMAZING!
I love local restaurants with flair and the flavor of their food surpasses chain restaurants by a long run.

Out with the old. I traded in my 07' Monte Carlo, I will miss that car but I needed a four door. So...

In with the New. I got a 2008 Grand Prix GXP and so far I love it! Much more room and... it's pretty fast. Not that I drive fast or anything... just nice to be able to do so. :)

**Update on Pete: He had his surgery yesterday and it went wonderfully! He no longer has wires on his jaw or his canines and he doesn't have to wear that goofy muzzle anymore. He is allowed to eat solid food soaked in water and he is free to open his mouth as he pleases. I think he is a lot more comfortable now that he is less restricted. His face is a little lop-sided from the shifting of the bones in his face. They still think his jaw might line up a little better now that those wires are gone, we will have to wait and see. He goes back in two weeks to see if he's ready for teeth removal...

Thank you for all your thoughts and warm wishes for his recovery!!


  1. So glad to hear that pete is doing better!
    We prefer local eateries too; they are just yummier and nicer! haha

  2. Can you believe I still haven't been to Coco Bolo's yet? Terrible I know! Looks delicious.

    Yay for your new car and yay for 4 doors ;) More room for all those thrifting runs. lol!

    Glad to hear Pete's doing much better.

  3. Coco Bolo's is one of my favorites! So glad to here that Pete is on the mend!