Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunday Drive

I got a new car!... more on that later... Sunday was such a nice day full of sunshine! We decided to take my new car out for a little Sunday cruise. We opened all the windows and the sunroof and headed down our favorite country road.

Farmers were burning their pastures so the grass will turn bright green. The hills were on fire and smoke was rolling thru the valley.

I love seeing all of the old abandoned buildings. They make me think of the past, Who lived in these homes? Who let  them waste away? Makes me want to fix them and bring them back to life. On this road, there are crumbling stone houses peeking out from behind the trees, Faded wood barns leaning and houses next to them long gone.
There's a really neat stone church that they began raising money to repair. So far, they have replaced the roof and placed a new wood cross. The church is surrounded by an old cemetary. Such a pretty place.
We stopped to take photos of the cows with their new calves. They looked at us like we were crazy...
It was a much needed relaxing adventure and time well spent with my hubby. Hope you all enjoyed the view!


  1. Congrats on the new car! We love looking at that church. It's along Humboldt Creek rd, right?

    1. Yeah, We live out there Off McDowell Creek Rd! Tucker and I both grew up out there so we love taking the back roads :)