Friday, March 23, 2012

Puppy Recovery

Just a little Dog Update: Pete is doing awesome, he has had his jaw and canine teeth wired since he was hit by our neighbor's truck on Feb. 4th and the impact broke his jaw. To reinforce the wires he has had to wear that blue muzzle all day, every day. That thing drives him crazy and it gets pretty dirty so we have to clean it and dry it once a day. We feed him a very soft, canned food mixed with water a few times a day and he is now able to drink water on his own. Pete decided he was done with his feeding tube awhile ago when I came home and he had removed it himself. :/ He also sneaks the muzzle off of his face when we aren't home. He has maintained his weight and he has his energy back.

Pete is going to the vet Monday for x-rays to see if his fractures have healed and if he is good to go, then they are going to set up a time to remove the wires and have the surgery to remove around four teeth to line his jaw up properly. Poor pup, it has been a very long and tough month for him but I am happy to see him recovering and his tail wagging!


  1. Poor little guy- what a long recovery! So glad it is almost over!

  2. Oh! Poor boy! Im so glad he wasnt killed though, and is healing so well! Hope he's all better very soon~

    1. I am so glad it wasn't a lot worse, He's a strong dog

  3. Good to hear the update Kelsey! Hope everything goes smoothly at the vet on Monday.