Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Redneck Races

Okay, so I have a guilty pleasure of attending dirt track races. Yes, this makes me a bit of a 'Redneck.' Put on your cut-off jean shorts, your t-shirts and don't forget your sunglasses because by the time the races are over, you will be covered with a film of fine dirt. Love it. It is exciting watching a bunch of beat up cars sliding around the track and crunching into eachother. Even more exciting when the drivers get a tad upset with eachother. Saturday night, Hubby and I went to the Saturday Night Showdown at the Briggs Speedway Heartland Park Topeka. 

It was Cinco De Mayo Night so there were $1 Nachos and $1 Margaritas...sadly I did not get to participate in the Margarita goodness but My hubby did win a T-Shirt thrown by some man wearing a sombrero! If you ever get the chance to attend a dirt-track race, I suggest you bring out the inner 'Redneck' and go! It's a pretty good time ;)

We had a great view of the full-moon that night!


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