Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Mother's Day

Hope all of you wonderful, hardworking Moms had a fantastic Mother's Day!
This year was technically, my first Mother's Day since we are expecting our first little one in October. It was an exciting day for me. I held a picnic at our home for 20 of our closest relatives, complete with Fried Chicken and LOTS of yummy food. It was a beautiful sunny day so there were drinks, frisbee, golf-cart shannanigans and a beautiful new bicycle!

                                                                        I always told my husband that someday I wanted a cruiser bicycle that is the color of a 57' Chevy...He got me this beauty for Mother's Day and I love it! The mint green and white is lovely and the black and white damask detail adds a special touch. Look out for the pregnant lady on the bicycle!! :)
Day filled with beautiful flowers and Delicious Food!

17 weeks and counting! Hubby is more excited
than he appears... :)


  1. That bike is awesome! What a great mother's day gift!

  2. So happy to hear you had such a wonderful Mother's Day Kelsey! That bike is a beauty indeed. Yay!!